I am a girl who is 22 years old and my name is sara, who love nature in all its wonderful aspects, when it rains and nostagia brings me sadness but like I remember a past life, but after it exits the acorbaleno I is a overwhelming sense of happiness because it makes me think of a magical world with fairies fantstici animals etc..
Then have a little girl a 'fragile, but also something inside that tells me nn abbatermi the first difficulties of life, but I'm a bumbling romantic and nice girl.
but who really annoys me I become a real beast who hate gossiping behind me and my friends, who mistreats the poor animals and also who is putting the bos walk in you are to people + debboli them.
I love taking pictures the most natural way possible
something about my addiction to manga that I have to have a volume of the series and all carteceo place that I go out of Italy,
As for the balls with snow inside.
I love to make collection of fairies with wings Snap collezzionare stones like quartz and amethysts onyx etc..
I have a passion for animals, then to me I have to touch people most dear to me I straggi breast.
Then I am a person who presents no words, gestures etc. ame.
Then I love being in the woods when I go to the mountains, if I go to the beach I love to be underwater.
circordarmi then I love kawaii things in the room, I love buying gashapon of all types and manners, cups anime fairs, cosplay, manga huge toy (I have two mega mega portfolio naruto mokone now we must look for other).
Then now I'm running to try carlelloni advertising material of cardboard to keep the manga in my study that I will be web designers already have one of 666 satan.
Then I also salvadanio and of the full metal alchemist.
Then I hung in my car and diddle mokona plush teddy naruto then scattered and then have my mega cd of acronyms ball feel.
graficare love love to work with the computer in all ways and manners.

I have a desire to have unbridled comic plush (then in October I made the painful choice to sell them because I had more space in my room) pucciose things and my love 2 collections
1. do
2. balls with snow inside all the places they visit, or visiting relatives or friends

then also another passion that collect the gemstones are also those
Then I also have a collection of various calendars that I like.
are not violent but often tend to argue with people but only in words and tell the plain truth in the face.
I love hentay.
I have a loving boyfriend who I do not even know how he can stand me, who are sometimes unbearable.
then he calls me baka joke but not in its true meaning, which is idiotic.

sorry I know that only I stop chattering here to tell the collections which I then ask if you want well

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